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Shenzhen Second Foreign Languages School

A major municipal construction project ;A key middle school under the Education Bureau

Shenzhen Second Foreign Languages School, located in the cultural centre of Guanlan and neighboring Shenzhen Mission Hills Golf Club and Huawei Industrial Base, is a public boarding high school directly under Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau, and also the second school authorized to use “foreign languages” in its name among the schools affiliated with Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau in the city’s 30-year history. It is a full-invested major municipal construction project of the year 2009 and one of the TOP 10 municipal livelihood projects of the year 2010, with a total investment of RMB 260 million, an area of 119,000 m2, a building area of 70,000 m2, and a scale of 60 classes with 3,000 students. Well equipped with the latest facilities, this brand-new and picturesque boarding high school is an ideal place for study.

Shenzhen Second Foreign Languages School, a large modern boarding high school, creates a warm and happy home for every resident student with humanistic management.
The school buildings are grand and culturally creative, reflecting the magnificence, liveliness, openness and innovation of modern middle schools. With reasonable layout of teaching and living areas, the school is equipped with advanced 10,000-mb network system, multimedia auxiliary teaching system, digital campus broadcasting system and IC card intelligent campus management system. The library building covers 7000 m2. The large foreign culture garden, with international understanding as the core concept, provides a communication platform for the students who love reading, debate and communicating in foreign languages. There is a stadium which can hold 3,000 people, a 50-meter standard swimming pool, a 400-meter and 8-runway standard track and field playground, an 24-hour open football field, 25 basketball, volleyball, badminton courts and two tennis courts, all of which offer multiple choices for students who love sports. The school adopts the whole boarding management, with three modern student dormitory buildings, each room of which can accommodate 6 students. With 3000 beds in all, these buildings are compactly designed and well-equipped. Each dormitory building has a laundry room, an infirmary, accommodation assistants, school doctors, and security guards on duty for 24 hours. There are also star dormitory competitions aiming at building a warm home for every student; Spacious restaurant, which is a zero profit business, can accommodate 3000 students dining at the same time and offer students scientific, nutritious and first- class food; The life service center provides personalized service for students.

School Motto:  Inspiration of Ambition; Pursuit of Truth

Goal of Talents Cultivation: To cultivate well-qualified modern citizens with global vision and Chinese heart

Five Specific Objectives: To have a broad mind, study efficiently and lead a happy life; To broaden global vision with keen national awareness; To unleash creative powers; To awake spirits of freedom, self-discipline and public; To build up healthy bodies

Five Aspects of Education Highlighted: International Understanding Education; Social Morality Education; Patriotism Education; Sinology Education; Life Education