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A Brief Introduction to Principal Huang Haiqiang

Huang Haiqiang, born in 1962, used to work as vice principal and deputy party secretary in Shenzhen Foreign Languages School (SFLS). Since 1991, he held various positions like deputy director, director of the students' affairs office, director of the Office of Academic Affairs, vice principal and school party branch committee member there. Huang was entitled “Shenzhen Outstanding Class Teacher” and “Shenzhen Top 10 Young Teacher”. In particular, as one of the founders of SFLS, he had worked in this school for up to 22 years, including 10 years working as vice principal. Having made great contributions to the internationalization of this school, Huang is considered as an invaluable expert in school operation and management in Shenzhen.

A lesser known fact is that Huang is a sponsor of SFLS Wutong poetry club, with ten issues under his general editorship, and he plays as a striker in a soccer team as well. As soon as he took charge of Shenzhen Second Foreign Languages School (SSFLS), he had “wars” with SSFLS student soccer team, what’s more, school teachers were organized to compete with other soccer teams from Longhua District and SFLS, which is called “football diplomacy”. “The development of school is the highest priority. It is an era when people are educated to be more concerned about people’s life nowadays, while in school students’ appeals are top priorities. Thus, it is teachers’ bounden duty to educate, cultivate and protect students.” said Huang. Students in SSFLS tell us that every message to principal Huang is replied immediately, every call is carefully listened to and every reasonable appeal gets solved the first time. Obviously, students in SSFLS have become principal Huang’s big fans.